Sunday, May 29, 2011

peach kelli pop s/t lp

this. this is art. this is pure perfection. no other way to put it. for those of you who don't know (or care) peach kelli pop is allie who is the drummer for the fantastic white wires. this is her side project. and what a record. i'm not sure you can call this powerpop. i'd just call it pop. everything on this album is perfect. the production is a bit raw at times but that's what makes it so great. that and allie's great voice and well everything. best record i've heard in a long time. on another note it was because of allie that i started practicing powerpop beats when i heard the white wires lp. didn't know who she was just heard the lp and said i'd like to do this. back to the lp. it's amazing all the way through. get this when they repress it. and allie if you are reading give yourself a pat on the back for making a perfect record. and keep in mind that no one is paying me or anything and i'm not just writing this to get anything out of anything. i really think this is a perfect record. i know a lot of reviews are positive but i don't want to waste my time listening to an album that i hate just so i can review it. already did that with level. actually i have one complaint about peach. she's not from california so i can't brag about how souch an amazing record came from my home state. nope she's from canada. damn. they just have everything. might move one day, anyway i've ranted enough. get this. on a sidenote can you believe i didn't sware once during this whole review?


  1. how did i not comment on this. fucking classic. glad i could turn you on to something.

  2. oh pkp. a record tgat will never leave my playlist....until the next album of course

  3. you'd think this would leave my rotation as i got it in may. nope! this is one of my favorite records of all time!


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