Sunday, May 29, 2011

death piggy smile or die! cd

this took me 5 years to find. probly could have found a download but i wanted a physical coppy. this is a death piggy discography with all 3 eps. and it's great stuff. a bit weird at times this is streightup sillycore or funnycore if you'd like. the lyrics are funny as hell. musically it differs from formula core and goes into well weirdness. dave brockie's vocals are as manic as ever. try and get this. this was 25 bucks on ebay for a sealed coppy. not sure but i think this was put out in 99 and had a short press run. someone needs to repress this. do it! anyway get it however you can.


  1. Have one of the 7"s but I'd be interested in hearing the other two. Loved it when I first got even though I frowned at some of the not so serious bands back then. Laughing is good.

  2. hey justin sorry i haven't been commenting as much on your site. i go often but most of the time i'm in a hurry. also with this blog and facebook. you can find a download of this i think i saw it. i love the not serious stuff. check this out and also glad you're well. i heard about the tornados.


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