Saturday, July 26, 2014

happy pill trauma s/t tape

here's a band from my neck of the woods, happy pill trauma. great name (no xes or dis) the band is a male/female band with both doing vocals. can't quite remember who plays what (i've been up for 47 hours sue me) but they don't have a bassest. why so many grind bands leave out a bass is utterly beyond me as i think it can add real punch. think assuck's misery index. this band could do with adding some bass to the sound. other than that this is pretty good grindcore. i guess this would be called grindcore/powerviolence of mincecore or some other stupid fucking name. well elliott don't play that way. this is grindcore, reminding me of a lot of older bands. from the more punky side of things which of course is what i look for in grind. 10 songs in over 7 minutes means the songs aren't long but neither are they so short it's one blur. as much as i like anal cunt and s.o.d's crab society north demo a lot of those bands run together. the vocals are a bit more metal than you'd find on an old napalm death record especially the lows (done i believ by the guy in the band) but they add a nice touch. the production is raw but you can hear everything. i've been awaiting this tape for a while. i heard live recordings and shitty demo recordings but this sounds much better. i still wish these tracks had more low end though. put a bass in guys, it doesn't bite. overall get this tape any way you can, this band needs suport. they're a very good example of grind in southern california and whipe the floor with those 4/5 bands in the valey that all sound the same. buy or die.

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