Thursday, April 18, 2013

dr aids and others aids infected shit split cd

i'm not back, this is special. the final dr aids record. that's right, the only new punk band I like (misery addict broke up) has bit the dust. I can now say fuck all new punk bands. now, onto to the record. thrught reform suck. fuck them. generic as all hell and just lame. the other band is called shitfuckingshit. god, what a creative name! the music is as bad as the name. they're worse than thought reform. well, this was a shitty split. wait, what's that? another band? oh that's right, dr aids. well, these cunts went out swinging. I can't say enough about these tracks. fast, raw, brutal. the mix is perfect. the samples are interesting. where's that sample song from? the only song that drags on a bit is gotta be delt with. great song, middle should have been cut in half. the rest are amazing. mindblowing. they're going out with more than a bang. they managed to save a horrible ep and make it great. if they were the only band on it, it'd be even better! buy this, fuck off the other two bands unless you want shit, and get ready to have your head crushed by these brits. like misery addict, they saved the best for last. rather than the rip I usually say i'll say..if any band think they can beat dr aids, fuck off. they'll be gone but not forgotten. lucky agz has another band. let's hope it's as good as dr aids, or at least better than thought reform or manitsashitband

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