Monday, January 7, 2013

deicide s/t lp

hi! remember me? i'm elliott, the guy who blogs? well, sorry i haven't posted in forever, i had female trouble. but, i'm over that so let's get back to bitching about how no one looks at my blog. thanks to the singer from social overload for commenting, that was cool. everyone knows who deicide. satanic death metal band. this is the first album released in 1990. we all know about the band name change bla bla bla. what we have is crushing fucking death metl when death metal counted (84/92) god damn this rocks from a to z. the drums are pretty fucken killer, double bass and everything. the guitars have a cool sound to them and have really cool rifs. glen benton is god (or maybe satan) he is just brutal. don't know about his bass but his vocals are just amazing. i love how seemingly on every deicide album, he puts so much energy into his work as he spews out his hatrid of jesus and the idiots that go along with him. the lyrics are simplistic but effective, brutally satanic. the mix is cool, but, as i say with most death metal, turn the bass up! the album is short too. that's the thing about deicide's albums they're always quite short. some don't even go to 30 minutes. intro is cool, no 10 minute long thing, just i think a door opening? maybe? and then it's boom. one of my favorite death metal records/bands of all time. buy or die! actually, buy or be a christian

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