Saturday, October 27, 2012

circle one patterns of force lp

helloe! i'm back. the master of pt is back. bishop did a good job (of pissing me off) with those two reviews. now i'm back with some la hc. circle one are an interesting band. the first time i heard them was on the public service comp where they were a really good and raw hc band. so when i heard this lp i was like huh? it's an amazing record don't get me wrong wasn't quite what i expected. the great (great as in clear not great as in actually good) production, the effects, john's vocals. what happened between the ps recordings and this lp? seriously i'd like to know. the lyrics range from good anti-war stuff to christian lyrics about how the evils of the world are caused by satan. john was a member of some christian hardcore gang that according to what i've read was quite violent. we all know how he died. the musicianship is really good for hc on this record. and john's vocals are actually really cool. i don't know why they changed sound or anything. but this lp needs to be in your hc collection. at least listen to it. btw if anyone can give me a coppy of the circle one demo i'd love to hear and review that. so.....get this! btw i'm back for good so you'll see more of my reviews and less of bishop's weirdness. seriously good job holding down the fort bishop. that's why i made you an admen.


  1. welcome back elliott,

    oh man, this is such a ripper. i absolutely love it. but as you said, i don't like the effects either. i used to own their "are you afraid?" cd (i sold all my cds) and it had this album, the demos, live, rehearsal, comp tracks and an interview. but the version of the LP they used was a very clean version. meaning that there were no effects at all, just instruments and pure vocals. it was amazing. i was disappointed when i got the vinyl and realized it was a different version. but i still love it, great singer.

    oh and there are actually 2 demos.

  2. hey look! a comment! haha. thanks for the info. would love to hear the demos and interview. sounds interesting. i know you sold all your cds, i have two of them. great stuff. yeah the mix is weird but whatever. it sometimes makes john sound even cooler. two demos? damn i didn't know

  3. haha, oh right. which two cds of mine do you have again?

    yeah i'll try and find the demos for you. i remember them being great. i didn't rip the cd onto my computer for some reason.

  4. i have rights of spring and slapshot. good stuff

  5. oh i forgot i owned that slapshot.


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