Tuesday, April 10, 2012

slayer show no mercy lp

sorry i haven't posted in a while. i blame love. more about that later. anyway this is my favorite thrash band's first lp. you can really hear the nwobhm and speed metal influence. a far cry from the later stuff but don't think for a second that i don't like it. it may be different but it still sounds like slayer. tom's vocals are a little more melodic than the later stuff but he still has a lot of power in his voice. the drums just pound relentlessly. quite fast for 1983. it does piss me off that slayer doesn't have any demos before this album. i'd like to hear them as a cover band. if anyone has some old slayer demos get in touch! anyway this album sounds like anthrax's amazing fistfull of metal just with more adult lyrics. already by then slayer was talking about satanism. it's no wonder why this album was an underground hit. almost 30 years later it still punches you when you hear it. or at least it does to me. i'm kind of a slayer fanboy anyway so what do i know? overall it very very nice speed thrash album full of great riffs and awesome lyrics. and actualy good production!

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