Friday, April 15, 2011

jfa nowhere blossums lp

i really don't know what this album is. i mean they seem to try different stiles from the metallic drumming of pink slip to the amazing riffs in julie's song. well maybe i don't know what this is but i can tell you what this isn't. it's not punk. it doesn't even pretend to be. for those of you who don't know jfa branched out a little on the first two lps from a streightup skate band to a really cool skate surf thing band. but i'll bet noone was expecting this. i reallt like it though. i can't explain why. i just really like it. it's different but good. i'm probly the only one who will like this but still. check this out. it would have been interesting to hear jfa expand on this sound but they've returned to playing very good skatecore. one of the things i love about jfa is even though they're playing punk again they're doing it the way they want. in other words they're not just putting out another blatent localism every album. anyway this can be found on the net i'm pretty sure so do a search and you'll find it. and tell me what you think.


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