Saturday, January 8, 2011

मय्बे done

i may delete this blog and start over. let's face it. this blog sucks almost as much as i do. so i might just go and do another blog. yeah it's been fun but it it's also been a bit of a drag. i'll tell you something i would have quit long before this if it wasn't for the kindness of everyone who's ever come to my little bloggy. to this day the worst thing i've heard is my spelling sucks. other than that i've only heard good things. if i do start another blog i hope that my fans will stick with me. and yes i said fans. i count as a fan so that makes two. anyway hope you'll stick with me.


  1. drag? what kind of other blog are you gonna do?
    at least. don't delete this, almost 300 posts. uhmm.......

  2. I agree! What exactly will a fresh start achieve? Whatever you're planning you may as well just do it on this blog...

  3. i know i know. it's just the url thing. you guys are probly right.


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